Our edible gold leaf products

Discover here below all our edible gold leaf products for food use. They are all made in France.

All our gold decors meet the requirements of the European regulation of the E175 (gold) foodstuff colouring agents .


Our Edible Gold Decorations for Chefs (pastry/catering...)



It's no more than 7 different designs of flakes/powder we have to offer you !!


All our packaging for flakes and powder are plastic jars with 0,5g of edible gold/silver leaf decorations

Integrated shaker with holes in the cap protected by a removable sticker (suitable for food contact)

Plastic jar size : H 25mm, Ø 70mm

Plastic jar total weight : 20g approx.

Plastic jar suitable for food contact


Our range of edible gold flakes & gold powder (22,5 carats)

 1 mm squares gold flakes








 1.5 mm squares 


3 different sizes of gold

flakes squares 


 2 mm squares 




1,5mm random parts gold flakes



Random gold flakes & pure gold powder 





100% pure edible gold powder 



Our range of edible silver flakes & silver powder (99,9%)

1,5mm random parts silver flakes



Random silver flakes & pure silver powder 



100% pure edible silver powder 



Our range of book of edible gold leaves (22,5 carats)

It is no more than 7 different designs of book of edible gold leaves we have to offer to you !!


All our packaging for gold leaves are silk paper (suitable for food contact).

The number of gold leaves depends on the design and size for the pre-cutted gold leaves.

For the traditionnal book of gold leaves come with 25 gold leaves of 80x80mm.

Book size : 110mm x 105mm

Book total weight : 10g approx.

Edible gold leaf (E 175) / 22,5 carats


Our traditionnal gold book



the "Basic" :) 


Book of 25 edible gold leaves 

Leaves size : 80mm X 80mm





Our "EASY GOLD" books  

 book of 500 squares of 15mm



book of 320 squares of 20mm



The "Revolution" of gold book :)


4 different sizes gold squares 

"ready to use"


Book of 20 leaves pre-cutted in different sizes of  edible gold squares so more or less squares per book




book of 180 squares of 25mm



book of 80 squares of 40mm




Our Tools 




The best twezzer ! 

Advised to use and more than recommanded with all our edible gold/silver decorations.

That's the ONE we use in production for millions of decorations per year : for sure this is the BEST :)

Tweezers suitable for food contact

TP size : 116 mm / TP weight : 5g approx.










 Book of 640 hearts of 10mm








2 different designs of gold leaves

(for experts but still)

 "ready to use"

* book of 10 leaves pre-cutted in hearts of 10mm

* book of 10 leaves pre-cutted in petals




Book of 240 petals