Art of chiseling the gold leaf


What we do is unique.

Our products are manufactured in France by our partner the French company "Or à Décor" that created the process of chiseling edible gold leaves to make personalized designs.

We are proud of being the only two companies in the world capable of providing this exclusive product.

TrésOriginal works with the last French gold beater.

Our minimum 22,5 carat edible gold decorations meet a high standard of quality as well as an inimitable brightness.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of designing gold leaves give us the freedom of creation to achieve extraordinary aestheticism.


The French Touch

Our "French Touch" will balance and sublimate your edible gold creations. Our goal is to share and create unique designs in edible gold leaf as a way of sublimating the culinary creations with all the leaders around the world.

We are committed to giving you the best of our abilities.

Inspired by a "art de vivre" to the French, the refinement of culinary creations, originality of edible gold decorations and deep sensitivity to the aesthetic affect us naturally.

To the imagination!



Gold edible cappucino