FAQ about edible gold leaf decorations

Do the decorations made with gold leaf are edible?
Yes! All our gold and silver decors meet the requirements of the European regulation of the E175(gold) and E174 (silver)foodstuff colouring agents (certificate on request).

How do the decorations are packaging?

By jar of 0.5g for the gold flakes decorations.

How to order the products presented in the catalogues?

By phone [+33-(0)-608-620-800] or by email here, we will be pleased to answer your enquiries.

We kindly invite you to create a free private account here to get the prices and a personalized account where you’ll find the latest products and news.

How to apply the edible gold leaf decorations?
First we kindly invite you to have a look to our demo here and movies here and if you need more explanations do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad to help you and to explain you the method of use of our products.




Can I have a personalized gold leaf decoration?
Of course! We are specialised to custom gold leaf!
So for example if you have a logo, you will just have to send it to us and we will work on the graphics possibilities then we’ll send you back a picture of the result and once your logo is approved, a reference will be attributed and you could order your logo made of edible gold leaf.

You can already very easily personalise some of our decorations for chocolate sweets and write your name brand for example. 

Do you have more products than the ones presented in the catalogues?
Yes! Our catalogues are especially created for chocolatiers or chefs of Haute Gastronomie on their requests but with our art of chiselling gold leaf creation are unlimited!

We’ll show you with pleasure examples of some creations or other products. A third catalogue is being created now !
Please feel free to ask us any projects and we will do our best to answer your requests.

You are the creators and our aim is to provide you our worldwide unique gold leaf decorations to sublime your culinary creations. Click here to go to “Personalisation” to read about some creations.

If you have other questions please contact us here and we will be answer you as soon as possible.