Our gold decorations in Moscow !

The talented and creative pastry chef Grégory Doyen from Hédiard in Moscow in Russia kindly agreed to introduce some of his collection of original desserts on which he uses with elegance and beauty our decorations in edible gold leaf.

We invite you to click on pictures to enlarge and appreciate the beauty and harmony of his creations.


After an outstanding career, won various competitions and meaningful experiences in some prestigious institutions in the world, this renowned french pastry chef, now lives in Russia.

Today it is home to the famous gourmet Hédiard in Moscow (one of the three most prestigious boutiques Hédiard) that Grégory Doyen excels in creating gourmet dishes.

Our meeting gave birth to a very interesting and sharing work with unlimited creativity!

"The brightness, smoothness of a sheet of this precious metal complement and harmonize our sweet and savory creations

This idea "Trés originale " to transform the gold leaf has dazzled me by its way to be used and by his way of being personalized.

Today this tool follows me every day and responds perfectly to the exclusivity that I bring to our Russian clients. "

Written by Grégory Doyen - All Rights Reserved - Translated by Trésoriginal





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