Your Personalized Edible Gold Leaf Decoration

The art of chiseling genuine gold leaf allows us to get a exclusive service of personalization.

We will work together to realize your most inventive expectations and transform your product into something original and luxurious.

YOU ARE THE CREATORS. Imagination has no limit. Let’s be creative. We'll give you the chance to become inimitable and unique.

MON LOGO is your brand name or brand design created with edible gold leaf. The perfect way to customize your creations.

MA GRIFFE is your signature. It is exclusive. It is not a logo or a brand name, it is you!
You will be known and recognized by the originality of your creations.

MON OEUVRE D'ART is a unique single or limited copy of a picture or personal design.

Add your exclusive own look to your events and offer exceptional and unforgettable moments to your guests.

We kindly invite you to have a look to an example here.

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