High quality edible gold leaf decorations

Gold edible leaf 22 carats  

Our company commits to the following range of services :

The edibility of our products
All our decors meet the requirements of the European regulation of the E175 foodstuff coloring agent. Certificate is available on-demand by using our contact form.

The quality of our products
Our genuine gold decors are certified 22,5 carat minimum.
All the materials (transfer paper or film , boxes, jars) used for packaging are suitable for food contact.

The origin of our products
Our edible gold leaves come directly from the last French gold beater. This is a 100 % French product.

The quality of the delivery
Our decors are packed with tested boxes suitable for any transportation. We are used to work with the world's best carrier companies.

The secrecy of your projects
Our company commits to keep your personnal projects and information secret and confidential.