Copos de oro comestible : Corazones de 2,5mm



Edible Gold Flakes with 12 000 HEARTS of  2,5mm per box !! They come supplied in a suitable for food contact plastic jar.

Our edible gold flakes come with their integrated shaker. It's very easy to use it !!

Please feel free to watch our demos here or look at the pictures below.

Edible gold is safe to eat.

Our edible gold flakes meet the requirements of the European regulation of the E175 (gold)  foodstuff colouring agents.

All our products are 100% made in France.

Our edible gold flakes with a heart design are unique worldwide !

Plastic jar size : H 37mm, Ø 42mm

Plastic jar total weight : 10g approx.

Edible gold leaf (E 175) / 22,5 carat


How to use it :


Examples of Creations with our Edible Gold Flakes with designs